Official Fight Results

August 31st, 2013

King Of The Cage:  Maximum Speed

Tickets for this Fight are:
$30 (General Admission Seats), $45 (Intermediate Seats), & $65 (VIP Seats)

Main Card Line Up:

Heather Bassett vs. Breea Gilbert
Bernard Webster vs. Dale Bennett
Adam Kope vs. RT Hicks
Morgan Sickinger vs. Ruddy Gray

KOTC 08-31-2013

Results can be found at:


Sickinger def. Crisler by Submission R2 @ 4:20 (Rear Naked Choke)

Win Crisler

Main Card Line Up:

Jeff Behnke vs. Bobby Bernicky
Morgan Sickinger vs. Eugene Crisler
Doug Deback vs. Matt Arnst

Pro Fighter coming home for MMA event
Sickinger part of 13-fight card Saturday in town

6-28-13 HTR

By: Nate Woelfel – HTR Media
Date:  28 June 2013

As the old adage goes, with every cloud comes a silver lining.
About two weeks ago, when local Professional mixed martial art’s fighter “The Captain” Morgan Sickinger found out that his scheduled fight in Sheboygan had been cancelled, he wasn’t exactly sure what that silver lining was.

Sickinger had been dedicated to training for nearly three months and all would be for not if other arrangements could not be made.

But it didn’t take long for Sickinger’s prospects to begin to looking up. After a bit of searching, Sickinger and his opponent found a new venue for their bout: The American Predator Fighting Championships 12, an event being hosted right in Sickinger’s hometown of Manitowoc. Sickinger will take on Eugene “The Crippler” Crisler in a Professional Catchweight match, one of 13 total fights on the card Saturday night at the Manitowoc County Ice Center and the lone Professional fight scheduled. It may not be the first time Sickinger has had the chance to fight in his backyard, but he has come a long way since the last time he appeared in Manitowoc.

“It’s a great feeling. The last time I actually competed in Manitowoc was four years ago. I only had about five matches under my belt,” Sickinger said. “I’m coming in with a world of experience. I have 21 Professional fights, 18 since the last time I competed in Manitowoc.”

The event, which gets under way at 7p.m., marks the first time American Predator Fighting Championships has put on an event in the state of Wisconsin. Paul Metz, one of the event’s organizers and owner of Metz’s Martial Art Academy in Manitowoc, knows that MMA has a respectable following in the area, but he hopes the event will provide an opportunity to introduce people to the sport.

“There are a lot of misconceptions out there. This is definitely an all-ages family event,” Metz said. “Most people don’t understand that it is a regulated sport through the state.”

Each fighter must be licensed to fight. The process requires an extensive amount of paperwork and medical clearance – everything from routine physical to blood work.  Formalities aside, the amount of training that goes in to each fight, whether at the amateur or professional level, is mind-boggling.

“People don’t realize these guys are professionals. They train like professional athletes,” Metz said. “They don’t have an offseason. They’re in the gym four, five days a week.”

Sickinger echoed Metz’s sentiments.  “You’re going to see a lot of talent. The training that goes into each match is incredible,” Sickinger said. “I know all of the dedication that even the amateurs have to be putting in hours upon hours if they want to be in the cage.”

The evening’s main event features Jeff Behnke and Bobby Bernicky in an Amateur Middleweight Title Fight. Behnke currently holds a pair of amateur titles from North American Fighting Championships, one at 185pounds, the other at 205.

Advance tickets can be purchased at Metz’s Martial Art’s Academy, Saucy’s Sports Bar and GNC in Manitowoc. Ticket price ranges from $20 for general admission standing tickets to $50 for a front row, VIP table. Tickets will be sold the day of the event, but prices increase $5 at the door.
“It’s a great night and event,” Metz said. “You’re looking at three to hour hours of entertainment.”  Doors will open at 5:30p.m. on Saturday.


NAFC “BattleGround”

Pacheco Defeats Sickinger

After Three Rounds of War

By:  Kyle Carroll
Date:  15 April 2013
NAFC "BattleGround" Pacheco Defeats Sickinger Afte...

At the North American Fighting Championship “BattleGround,” the co-main event was between featherweights, “Captain” Morgan Sickinger & Jose Pacheco. This fight was action packed for the full three rounds & lasted the entire fifteen minutes. The non-stop contest included kicks, strikes, takedowns, reversals, & submission attempts throughout the war between the 145-pounders, March 29 at Potawatomi Bingo Casino.

In the first round, the two fighters met in the middle of the cage where they began right away exchanging leather. Straights started flying at one another, & then along came knees as both warriors were in the clinch delivering them. After a kick by Sickinger to the ribs, Pacheco caught the kick and drove into his opponent earning the first takedown of the fight. While on top of the grounded Morgan Sickinger, Pacheco attempted a submission which was unsuccessful. The fighters both rose back to their feet. The striking began again until Sickinger takes down Pacheco. The takedown didn’t last long as it turned into a scramble and they were back on their feet.

The second round was much like the first round as each wrestler earned takedowns & continued to exchange strikes with each other. Sickinger looked more active than he has in his past fights & was continually moving & attacking inside the cage. He was able to put together several combinations that landed on Pacheco.

Pacheco also displayed fast hands as he delivered his own combinations on the face of Morgan Sickinger. In the final round the two fighters showcased their hearts as they went all out against each other. Sickinger continued looking for takedowns as Pacheco stuffed them throughout the third round. Both fighters looked sharp & displayed a battle for the fans that had them guessing who won.

The judge’s score cards came in giving Jose Pacheco a Unanimous Decision over Morgan Sickinger by a score of 30-27, 29-28, & 29-28. The bout was a tough one to score which could have went either way for the fighters. Leaving it to the judges to decide & not finish left Morgan Sickinger empty handed & walking home with a slash in the loss column.

Main Card Line Up:

Sergio Pettis vs. Josh Robinson
Morgan Sickinger vs. Jose Pacheco
Joao Bosco vs. Anthony Zelinski
Zak Ottow vs. Ricky Stettner
Derrick Mandell  vs. Ryan Mendez

Corey Anderson vs. JR Briones
James Barber vs. Joel Chapman
Bill Finn vs. Dwight Anderson

Sickinger Victorious at Inaugural

Sharkbite Fighting Championships

By:  Chris Gutmanis
Date:  25 February 2013
Sickinger, Zidek Victorious at Inaugural Sharkbite Fighting ...

Sharkbite MMA and Fight For a Cause teamed up to co-promote the first installment of Bill Finn’s Sharkbite Fighting Championships last night at the Final Approach in Sheboygan Falls, WI.  The evening provided a dozen bouts, as well as raising money for the Vets Journey Home charity to aid veterans in the transition to civilian life.

Sickinger submits Finn in Rubber Match

The evening’s main event featured a contest for the promotion’s inaugural lightweight championship between Unified Martial Arts representative Morgan Sickinger and Sharkbite MMA head Bill Finn.  Having split a pair of bouts under different rulesets, the two set out to resolve their trilogy and crown the promotion’s first champion.  Finn began strong, sprawling on an early shot from “The Captain” and latching on a guillotine choke.  Sickinger escaped the hold and was met with a hard knee for his efforts; however, Sickinger was relentless in his pursuit of the takedown, eventually dragging “The Shark” to the mat and quickly transitioning to back control and locking up the fight-ending rear naked choke.

Sickinger def. Finn by Submission (Rear Naked Choke).

Main Card Line Up:

Morgan Sickinger vs. Bill Finn
Jimmy Zidek vs. Brian Learn

February 23rd, 2013

Sharkbite Fighting Championships 1

Tickets for this Fight are:
$35 (General Admission), $55 (2nd Row Seats), & $75 (Front Row Table Seats)

Sickinger vs. Finn:  Main Event Championship Title Fight at 155 lbs

This will the be a “True Rubber Match” having already meet prior to this in a Kick Boxing  & Submission Grappling match.  This Final time is a MMA Fight.



January 5th, 2013

Madtown Throwdown 29: Results

The Magic of Regional MMA: A Night at Madtown Throwdown 

And then there were those things you really only see at a local show to make it even more valuable.  Like the guy who would always cheer for the local fighter, but never bothered to learn any of their names, instead preferring to just yell out the city where the fighter was from.  Or the eight-person, all-female cheering section that went absolutely nuts for Morgan Sickinger, who won his fight over Matt Wikoff by submission.

Sickinger Subs Wikoff

In the first professional bout of the evening Matt Wikoff of Central Illinois Combat Club took on Morgan Sickinger from Unified Martial Arts.  Both fighters come out felling each other out before Wikoff gets a takedown.  They scramble for a while on the ground but eventually Sickinger gets out & up.

Back to their feet Sickinger lands a big kick to the body of Wikoff.  Wikoff drops Sickinger with a left & lands a knee to the body.  Sickinger is up & manages to get a takedown as they scramble & Sickinger locks up an arm bar as Wikoff screams out in pain but is saved by the horn.

Early in the second Sickinger gets Wikoff against the cage & lands some knees.  Wikoff gets the fight to the ground & gets Sickingers back & looks to sync in a rear naked choke but the slippery Sickinger gets free & moves to Wikoff’s guard landing some ground & pound & elbows before getting full mount.

Sickinger goes for the arm bar again but Wikoff slips free & lands a few punches on the ground before the horn. In the third Sickinger looks to get a single leg takedown & eventually gets it.  Sickinger lands some punches to the head & body of Wikoff before working to Wikoff’s back & sinks in a rear naked choke that forces Wikoff to tap.

Sickinger def. Wikoff by Submission (Rear Naked Choke).

Main Card Line Up:

Morgan Sickinger vs. Matt Wikoff
Eric “Red” Schaffer vs. John Poppie
Tyler Hellenbrand vs. Rob Couillard
Mike Rhodes vs. Quartus Stitt
Matt Hirsch vs. Derrik Kaul
Dennis Anderson vs. Jordan Griffin


Lockout – SEG (MMA Event)

November 10th, 2012 – Burnsville, MN

Morgan Sickinger vs. Matt Veal

Official Results: 

Both Matt “Kid Lightning” Veal needed a victory to get back on track.

He got just what he needed over the weekend.

Veal made quick work of Wisconsin standout “Captain” Morgan Sickinger and Neumann had no trouble with Ben Miller during Saturday’s Driller/SEG show at the High Five Sports Bar and Grill in Burnsville.

Veal was coming off a loss in Bellator last May, though he’s had a great deal of success here in Minnesota. The native Canadian is ranked No. 3 in Minnesota at 145 pounds, thanks mostly to a pair of wins over the Blumer brothers, Melvin and Marvin.

Veal and Sickinger came out swinging Saturday, but neither fighter was able to land a power punch early.

Veal attempted a few early takedowns, but Sickinger stuffed each attempts. After one of the stuffed attempts, Veal pulled guard and threw on a guillotine choke.

Sickinger didn’t appear to be in trouble, but then Veal adjusted the choke. And seconds later, Sickinger was tapping out, giving Veal the submission win just 2:23 into the opening round.

Veal improved to 10-8, while Sickinger dropped to 12-7.

Event Photos:!i=2214143645&k=CqZSDfD


August 11th, 2012

Madtown Throwdown: Results

Sickinger Emerges Victorious

It sure wasn’t pretty but the end result was a win for Unified Martial Arts’ Morgan Sickinger. “The Captain” may not have stolen the show with his Split Decision Victory Score of (29-28, 29-28, 27-30) over Josh Kasee but it did get him back in the win column.

Morgan Sickinger vs. Josh Kasee

Rd1- Sickinger delivers several straights & shoots deep for a shot against the cage. Kasee is pinned against the cage & is taking a lot of knees to the legs & body. Referee stands them in the middle. Sickinger appeared to stun Kasee, & pins him against the cage and takes a knee from Kasee. Sickinger is looking for a single leg takedown but can’t bring Kasee to the mat. Sickinger dives in with a high fist that misses & flops to the ground. Sickinger gets back to his feet and pins Kasee against the cage for another time. Sickinger continues with knees to the legs of Kasee. Round ends.

Rd2- Sickinger attacks off the whistle again and lands a straight to the face & grabs a leg of Kasee. Kasee gains top side control Sickinger. Kasee earns back control until Morgan Sickinger stands up & escapes. Sickinger is on the legs of Kasee against the fence. Both fighters are at a stalemate on the fence. Sickinger lifts Kasee over his head like an All-American in wrestling & slams him to the mat. Kasee stands up and just misses the face of Sickinger with a strong right. Sickinger pins Kasee against the fence again. Sickinger starts throwing punches to the body of Kasee as Kasee is delivering elbows to the body of Sickinger in defense. Sickinger finally earns a takedown as the round expired.

Rd3- Sickinger lands a nice straight to the face of Kasee. Sickinger shoots & is stuffed on the shot. Hands are coming down of Kasee as fatigue is setting in both fighters as they dance around the cage. Sickinger lands a leg kick. Kasee lands a straight left. Sickinger grabs hold of a leg but unable to do anything with it & lets go only to eat three solid punches from the hands of Kasee. Sickinger is trying to put combos together. Sickinger lands a superman punch & ties up in a clinch with Kasee. Another combo is put together by Sickinger before he then drops to a shot which ends against the fence as he continues to attempt to take Kasee down. Round ends.

Sickinger def. Kasee by Split Decision 29-28, 29-28, 30-27.


  • Next MMA Fight:  August 11th, 2012 in Madison, Wisconsin
  • Scheduled Bout is at:  145lbs
  • Opponent:  Josh “Manic Maker” Kasee 
  • Organization:  Madtown Throwdown LLC 


Big Bully MMA – May 5th, 2012: Results

Washington stops skid with sub win

In the main event of the evening, Ohioan Jon “The Beast” Washington pitted his 4-2 record against Wisconsin’s “Captain” Morgan Sickinger in a back & forth grappling match that saw each fighter take the other’s back in the first round. Washington was able to nullify a point taken by referee Victor Ventresca for an apparent blow to the back of the head by sinking in a guillotine choke for the submission early in round two. Washington moves to 5-2 while Sickinger falls to 9-6.Winner: Washington, Submission (guillotine) at 1:47 of Rd 2.

Big Bully MMA – Event Pictures

  • Next MMA Fight:  May 5th, 2012 in Niles, Ohio
  • Scheduled Bout is at:  145lbs
  • Opponent:  Jon “The Beast” Washington 
  • Organization:  Big Bully MMA


May 12th, 2012:

Fight was cancelled due to Pennsylvania’s Athletic Commission

If you missed Pull No Punches Radio tonight, the full card for Pure MMA’s May 12 was announced. In the main event, long time UFC mainstay Din Thomas will face top ranked featherweight prospect & tonight’s co-host Cody Bollinger in a five round fight for the PMMA featherweight title. Also, 4 time UFC vet Waylon Lowe will face Wisconsin wrestling standout “Captain” Morgan Sickinger & Strikeforce…vet Mike Byrnes will face former North Carolina State University wrestling standout & Wand Fight Team wrestling coach Pete Martin for the PMMA lightweight title. The two title fights & co-headliner will cap off a 17 fight pro & amateur card. In attendance will also be Marcus Davis, Kevin “The Monster” Randleman, Johnny Bedford, Anthony Johnson, Greg Jackson, Matt Riddle, Bryan Caraway & former Playboy Playmate Sarah Clayton.


January 14th, 2012

Sheboygan Showdown 4:  Results

Sickinger Returns to His Winning Ways

The night’s main event pitted “Captain” Morgan Sickinger against HIT Center’s Derek Griffin.  Both men came out firing, looking to start off the new year with a win and erase the memory of the tough year they both had in 2011.

After about a minute of trading knees from the clinch and jockeying for position against the cage, Sickinger seized his opponents back after a quick scramble and secured the rear naked choke shortly after, awarding the Unified Martial Arts representative his first win of 2012 in just under ninety seconds.


The fights have wrapped up over in Sheboygan. Check out all of the quick results from the Sheboygan Showdown IV card that saw “Captain” Morgan Sickinger get back into the win column with a first round submission over Derek Griffin.

Coming into his Sheboygan Showdown IV matchup against Derek Griffin on Saturday night Morgan Sickinger needed a victory in a big way. “Captain” found his way into the win column with a first round rear naked choke.

Putting an end to his five-fight non-winning streak, Sickinger improved his record to 9-5 and earned his seventh victory via submission. Watch the entire video from the fight right here on US Combat Sports.

145 –  Morgan Sickinger (Unified Martial Arts, WI) def. Derek Griffin (HIT Center, WI) by submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:22 of Rd 1.


Caged Conflict Championships (CCC):  

Battle at the Beach – Event Pictures: 9-20-2008


 Konquer The Kage:  07-29-2006

First Mixed Martial Arts Fight


Konquer The Kage:  07-29-2006

First Mixed Martial Arts Fight


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WI Combat News

Wisconsin State MMA Rankings 2012

(#1 Wisconsin 145, Rankings as of November 15th, 2012)


Morgan Sickinger Meets Matt Veal at SEG Lockout in Minnesota

By:  Paul Fladten
Date:  09 November 2012
Morgan Sickinger Meets Matt Veal at SEG Lockout in Minnesota

One of Wisconsin’s most active competitors looks to continue a positive stretch this weekend in Minnesota. Morgan Sickinger, formerly ranked atop the state’s featherweight division, aims for his third win in four attempts when he meets Matt Veal at Sterling Entertainment Group’s “Lockout” card.

Known as “Captain”, Sickinger has been a staple of Wisconsin’s fight scene since 2007. Once holding the now defunct Konquer the Kage title and narrowly dropping a decision to Javier Vega in the Combat USA inaugural 145-pound tournament, the Unified Martial Arts fighter has constantly worked towards his goal of hitting the big time.

While a tough winless stretch of five fights has postponed the dream, Sickinger has recently regained some momentum winning two of his last three. Most recently, the wrestling-based fighter edged out Josh Kasee at Madtown Throwdown 28.

Tomorrow, Sickinger shoots for a win outside of his home state, something that has avoided him his previous two attempts. Standing across the cage will be experienced Canadian adversary Matt Veal. The Thunder Bay native is listed as having a record of 9-8 and some serious experience.

Having fought within Bellator Fighting Championships and Maximum Fighting Championship, Veal is no stranger to tough competition. He holds wins over Courtney Buck, Brian Learn, Derek Abram and more throughout his five-year professional career.

Expect to see to hungry fighters desperate for a win on when Sickinger and Veal scrap on Saturday night in Gopherville. Most likely, the fight will be determined on the ground, the aspect of the game where both fighters seem most comfortable.

(November 9th, 2012)


Madtown Throwdown 29

Postponed Until January 5th of 2013

By:  Paul Fladten
Date:  27 September 2012
Mike Rhodes - US Combat Sports

Longtime Wisconsin promotion Madtown Throwdown had planned on returning to Madison next month for its 29th installment.  Unfortunately, Pat O’Malley & company has been forced to postpone the card until January of 2013.

Confirmed to US Combat Sports early Thursday morning by Madtown promoter and figurehead O’Malley, a series of unrelated events & circumstances ultimately played into the decision to delay Madtown Throwdown 29.

While the majority of the roster had not yet been announced to the media prior to the cancellation, rumored participants included Mike Rhodes, Morgan Sickinger, Jake Frias, Jordan Winski, & more.

It is been no secret to fans of Wisconsin MMA that the scene has been trudging along over recent months.  Most recently, the Madtown organization hosted a stellar card in August that unfortunately suffered a low turnout.

The Madtown Throwdown 28 event was in no way mentioned or discussed by O’Malley during the phone call with USCS, however, one would have to believe that the disappointing attendance numbers didn’t play favorably into the decision to delay.

Stay tuned to US Combat Sports for any breaking news regarding Madtown Throwdown 29 & possible matchups that may line the January card.


Sickinger vs. Kasee Set for Madtown Throwdwn 28

By:  Paul Fladten
Date:  16 July 2012

Two completely differing styles are set to clash next month at Madtown Throwdown 28 when familiar featherweights Morgan Sickinger & Josh Kasee throw down.

Having both tasted a great deal of success over a three-year span between 2007 & 2010, “Captain” & the “Manic Maker” have struggled since the inaugural Combat USA tournament championship that took place nearly two years ago.

Combining for only two wins in their past nine bouts, the formerly number one ranked Wisconsin competitors both look to enter the matchup on August 11 with much to prove as Sickinger & Kasee hope to right their proverbial ships at the other’s expense.

Outside of a kickboxing matchup against Gustavo Rodriguez at Fight Me MMA back in May, all has been quiet for Kasee as of late. Following a Combat USA bantamweight championship over Rocky DeLorme & a brutal head kick knockout over Chris Befera in the organization’s second go around, Kasee hit a roadblock after suffering a disqualification loss to Josh Sterry in April of 2011.

Since the defeat Kasee has been largely absent from the fight scene. Once a major player in Wisconsin’s featherweight division, it will be interesting to see if the Oneida native can rebound & once again stake his claim as the state’s elite 145-pound competitor.

Likewise, “Captain” Morgan Sickinger knows what it feels like to be at the top of Wisconsin’s featherweight bracket. Following an impressive 8-1 mark to begin his career Sickinger has faltered as of late going just 1-5 (with one No Contest) since June of 2010.

Most recently, Sickinger suffered a second round submission defeat at the hands of Jon Washington at Big Bully MMA back in May. The loss was only the second time Sickinger has ever been submitted, the first coming against Nick Agallar back in March of 2011.

With much to prove Sickinger’s wrestling-heavy skill set will be on full display against the Muay Thai prowess of Kasee come August 11. Styles make fights, & both fighters should be desperate to put on a show & get back into the win column at Madtown Throwdown 28.

Stay tuned to US Combat Sports up until fight night as we bring you full coverage of Madtown Throwdown 28 with previews, interviews, & much more. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all your MTTD news.

(July 16th, 2012) 

After Pennyslvania Commission Nixes Bout Against Lowe, Sickinger Agrees to Face Washington in Ohio

By:  Paul Fladten
Date:  20 April 2012
Morgan Sickinger - US Combat Sports

Next month was supposed to be an opportunity for Wisconsin featherweight Morgan Sickinger to take on UFC-veteran Waylon Lowe at Pure MMA in Pennsylvania.

However, the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission decided that Sickinger’s record of 9-5-1 was too big a drop for Lowe’s mark of 12-4. A controversial and strange call to say the least, but the “Captain” has wasted no time in finding another opponent.

Confirmed by Sickinger’s Unified Martial Arts coach and manager Mike Biddle, the Wisconsin featherweight will instead square off against Jon “The Beast” Washington at Big Bully MMA’s “Get In The Cage” in Niles, Ohio on May 5.

Hoping to build upon his recent victory over former teammate Derek Griffin at Sheboygan Showdown 4 just a few months ago, Sickinger will likely rely on his strong wrestling background when he enters the cage against in Ohio.

Washington, a 27-year-old out of Buckeye MMA, began his career with four straight stoppage victories before dropping his last two bouts via decision. His most recent defeat came at the hands of Darrell Horcher at Pennsylvania Fighting Championships 6.

Although Washington does not hold the same recognition of a former Ultimate Fighting Championship competitor like Lowe, the bout looks to be another exciting opportunity for the always-game Sickinger. Stay tuned to US Combat Sports for results and any news regarding the Bully MMA matchup on May 5.

(April 20th, 2012)


The Captain’s Crew

New T-shirt Design for Summer 2012

(April 18th, 2012)


Wisconsin State MMA Rankings 2012

(#1 Wisconsin 145, Rankings as of April 3rd, 2012)


Morgan Sickinger vs. Derek Griffin Sheboygan Showdown 4:  Video

(January 14th, 2012)

Sheboygan Showdown IV Headlined by Sickinger vs. Griffin

By:  Paul Fladten
Date:  13 January 2012
Morgan Sickinger - US Combat Sports

Mixed martial arts has come back to Sheboygan for a good cause & with a fun fight card. Headlined by a featherweight showdown between former training partners Morgan Sickinger & Derek Griffin, Saturday’s Sheboygan Showdown “Fight For A Cause” features a heavily amateur card that includes some bright prospects.

Taking place at The Final Approach in Sheboygan, Jason Mills & Highland Fight Systems have put together a quality card sure to attract fight fans from the area. Two veteran fighters from the Fox Valley area, Griffin & Sickinger, will meet in the main event.

For Sickinger, the reports have been the same for his past few fights. After beginning the early part of his career in dominant fashion, the Unified Martial Arts fighter has staggered as of late. Outside of a kickboxing victory over Justin Echols in August, “Captain” has remained winless over the past 16-months.

Sickinger’s downfall started after a tough majority decision loss to Javier Vega in Combat USA’s tournament debut, a defeat that the wrestler has not been able to shake. Most recently, the former Konquer The Kage champion dropped a decision to Mike Richman in Minnesota.

Likewise, Griffin has faced his own form of adversity as of late. The HIT Center competitor has dropped four of his last five fights, with his most recent coming at the hands of Joao Bosco at Sheboygan Showdown 3 in August. Safe to say, both fighters will be in desperate search of a win.

“Both these guys trained together for years & are very good friends & this will answer to both guys who will actually win when we fight each other,” said Sheboygan Showdown’s Mills. “These are the two biggest names & biggest fighters from the Manitowoc-Appleton area & they will finally throw down.” 

(January 13th, 2012)


“Captain Morgan” Sickinger Walk Out Banner

(January 5th, 2012)

Who’s Next Combat Championship 10 (WNCC) Hits Saturday, Headline:

Sickinger vs. Echols

By:  Paul Fladten
Date:  25 August 2011
Who's Next Combat Championship 10 Hits Saturday, Sickin...

A night of kickboxing action returns Saturday in the form of Who’s Next Combat Championship 10.

Located at Perl’s Country Inn just outside of Fond du Lac, the card consists of 12 fights & features a main event between Morgan Sickinger & Justin Echols. Other notable competitors include Bill Finn, Jim Klimczyk, & Lucas Staehler.

The night’s feature bout showcases two fighters coming off of losses to the same opponent.  Sickinger dropped a split decision MMA bout to Jimmy Zidek at KOTC “Compression Test” last month while Echols lost to “The Daywalker” at WNCC 9 in June.

Doors are set to open Saturday at 3 pm. while the fights are scheduled to start at 6:30 pm.  Check out the entire lineup below:

Morgan Sickinger vs Justin Echols
Lucas Staehler vs Dylan Copesky
Jim Klymczk vs Jeff Behnke
Mike Ottesen vs Mike Niemojuski
Aaron Drowse vs Andy Miller
Bill Finn vs David Ceranowski
Seb Ramirez vs Kane Richardson
Nick Lafave vs Vee Kongon
Jessica Lawrence vs Steph Brennerman
Kyle Kaufmann vs Marshall Williams
Brad Morrisey vs Jesus Melendez
Derrick Schwartz vs Mike Lambrecht

(August 25th, 2011)


Highlight Reel

(January 9th, 2011)


Wisconsin State MMA Rankings 2010

(#1 Wisconsin 145, Rankings as of August 4th, 2010)


Morgan Sickinger discusses #1 ranking and upcoming Combat USA Tournament

By:  Jeremiah Cady
Date:  11 June 2010
morgansickingerOn June 18, at the Rave Eagles Club,  “Captain” Morgan Sickinger the top ranked featherweight in Wisconsin is set to do battle with Ken Sitsler in the Combat USA Fighting Championship, a fight 5 years in the making…Sickinger and Sitsler both started in the fight game 5 years ago and were set to fight each other early on in their careers but for several reasons it never happened until now. USCS sat down with the ‘Captain’ to discuss his top billing and his upcoming fight.
USCS:  “How does it feel being ranked the #1 Featherweight in Wisconsin?”
Sickinger: “Great accomplishment!! It’s a great stepping stone for the rest of my career.”
USCS:  “How hard did you work for it?”
Sickinger:  “I train 5-6 days a week, 2-3 times a day.”
USCS: “How did you get your start in MMA?”
Sickinger:  “5 years ago Bret Deur, first introduced me to MMA, by showing me a tape of his one fights, he thought it would be something that I could do. He also introduced me to Fox Valley Grappling Club.” 
USCS:  “What is the importance of fighting at Fox Valley Grappling Club?”

Sickinger:  “I have a lot of respect for Bill Krieg (founder of FVGC), it is a great fit for my 20 years of wrestling experience.”

 USCS:  “What do you say to those that say your Konquer The Kage Featherweight championship win over Brian Learn was controversial?”

 Sickinger:  “I had escaped 4 or 5 of his armbar attempts.  He (Learn) was gassing in the second round and was trying to end the fight as fast as he could.  I don’t think it was controversial.  I worked my butt off for that fight.”

USCS:  “How do you feel about your upcoming fight with Ken Sitsler?”

Sickinger:  “I am at 100% for this fight.”

USCS: “What do you know about Sitsler?”

Sickinger:  “We started around the same time about 5 years ago. We were going to fight then but it never happened.”

USCS:  “Are you worried about Sitsler’s reach advantage?”

Sickinger:  “No.  I have been training with taller fighters all who outweigh me, so I am ready for him.”

USCS:  “What will be your keys to victory?”

Sickinger:  “My agility, speed, and strength, I am ready to fight on my feet or on the ground.”

USCS:  “What do you think of the rest of the Combat USA Tournament?”

Sickinger:  “I am very excited for it. I am hoping for an all FVGC final! I am excited to watch my friend James Peterson’s fights.”

USCS:  “How did you get the nickname ‘The Captain’ ?”

Sickinger:  “(Laughs) I have been called that since I was a kid, we tried it for some of my early fights and just stuck with it.”

USCS:  “What are your interests outside of MMA?”

Sickinger: “I work at the YMCA as a personal fitness trainer, I have a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science. I graduated in the Spring of 2009, so now I am able to dedicate more time to MMA now that school is over.

USCS: “So how do you see this fight ending?”

Sickinger:  “I want to finish the fight as soon as possible, but I am ready for it to go the distance. I am dedicating this fight to my friends and family, and to Kevin Geitner, and I would like to thank John Sitt, he is my striking coach who comes up from Chicago every Monday and to FVGC I think we are the #1 or #2 gym in the state, we are like a family.”

The Manitowoc native is ready for his Featherweight battle against Ken Sitsler at The Rave Eagles Club on June 18.  Morgan Sickinger is a humble young man with a bright future in MMA.  He is also looking forward to a possible fight in November to unify the KTK belt against Joe Blake.


Wisconsin State MMA Rankings 2010

(#1 Wisconsin 145, Rankings as of June 2nd, 2010)


10 Questions With Morgan Sickinger 

By:  Darrick Patrick

Darrick: What was the journey that led you to professional mixed martial arts competition? “The Captain” Morgan Sickinger is a professional mixed martial artist who has appeared in organizations such as Combat USA, Freestyle Combat Challenge, and Titletown Combat Championship.

Morgan: My journey started out as a child when I was enrolled into a Karate class because my local area grade school did not allow any children below the age of six to wrestle.  It was after about two years of Karate that my father decided to enroll me into the Manitowoc-Two Rivers Wisconsin area wrestling programs.  I was enrolled into two different area grade school programs at that time.  I then continued to wrestle all through high school and am currently completing my last season of college wrestling.

However, it was about four years ago that one of my good friends and old assistant high school coach Bret Duer competed in his first MMA competition for KTK.  I was immediately interested and asked him how I could compete as well.  He pretty much gave me the heads and said he thought I would be a great candidate for competing in this sport.  I then competed in my first MMA competition for KTK and ended up beating Sam Thao, who was number six in the world, via rear naked choke.  This match was at 145 pounds and at the time I had no idea or even knowledge as to how or when Sam Thao was going to go on to become as successful as he is today.

It is my belief that by me winning my first MMA competition I became addicted.  I now train primarily through the summers and spring months as my off season conditioning for the collegiate wrestling season.  I am planning after this season to begin training year round and see where my career will take me over the next couple of years.

Darrick:  Who are some of the people that greatly influenced you while growing up?

Morgan: I would have to first off say my father Michael Sickinger and grandfather William Behnke, who both have greatly influenced my life simply due to all the hard work they have done over their entire lives.  They have encouraged me to be successful in whatever I do – whether it is my college studies, wrestling, or me competing in a mixed martial arts competition.  However, my mother is not too fond of it to this day, simply due to the injuries I have been through and still overcome to succeed.  My dad still supports me, but has yet to step into a building when I compete due to a family choice.  My other two influences are both my cornermen Bret Duer of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and John Sitt of Chicago, Illinois.  These two have helped me and been by my side for almost (if not all) of my competitions and would do anything if I asked them to.

Darrick:  What does a typical training session for you consist of?

Morgan: My normal training sessions are usually very intense and consist of lots of high intensity sprints, stand-up drills, ground and pound, various wrestling styles, BJJ, MMA conditioning classes, explosive weightlifting (not bodybuilding) and long cardio runs.  I substitute various styles of MMA throughout the week during my different training seasons, so I can often accommodate what style of fighter I may be competing against in my upcoming competitions.  I have learned that the more well-balanced of a fighter I am, the better I will become in any given situation that I may encounter.

Darrick:  Any words of advice for other individuals looking to train in MMA?

Morgan: “Adversity causes some men to break and others to break records!”  Which one will you pick?  Also…”Obstacles will always come up, but how you choose to learn and overcome them is entirely up to you!” — Morgan M. Sickinger

Darrick:  Who are a few of the people in the sport that you highly respect?

Morgan: I respect almost any mixed martial artist, as the common public is often not aware of all the dedication and time we actually put in to be successful at this professional sport.  I also really respect Urijah Faber, Matt Hughes, Randy Couture, Rodrigo Vaghi, Michael DeRoehn (college WR coach), William Krieg (FVGC owner), Charles Gruber (FVGC coach), Ken Popelka (FVGC WR coach), Bret Duer, and John Sitt.  I also would like to thank Fox Valley Grappling Club (FVGC) out of Appleton, Wisconsin for all their teachings and opportunities they have given me over the last couple of years.

Darrick:  What brings you the most fulfillment out of martial arts?

Morgan: I believe I receive fulfillment out of my mixed martial arts career just due to the fact that I have another way to reach out to help others.  I enjoy anything that takes lots of dedication, as well as seeing the fruits of all the hard work I put in day in and day out.  I also believe it is one of the greatest stress relievers an individual can acquire both physically and mentally.

Darrick:  Outside of MMA, what are your other interests?

Morgan: I like to collect a lot of different things such as Marvel comic books, coins, and various wrestling t-shirts.  I love to hunt deer, but often do not have a lot of time since it’s during the wrestling season.  I enjoy just being able to have a good time with friends – such as going out to dinners, movies, or sporting events.  I also get a kick out of doing things that are high risk and often cause adrenaline rushes.  I like to be very spontaneous and have excitement surround me at all times.

Darrick:  What is your oldest memory?

Morgan: Well, one of my oldest memories is a bit frightening due to it being a near death situation at the age of only a few months old.  I guess I decided to venture away from my parent’s house and into our dairy barn.  Here I happened to be highly entertained with my parent’s breeding bull.  I suppose I decided to crawl on into his pen and began to play as if it were no big deal.  My parents ended up finding me and were scared shitless as I was being sniffed up and eyed by the bull.  It’s a wonder or miracle as to why this bull didn’t simply decide to trample me over or what not.  I was basically the size of an ant to him.

Darrick:  If you were stuck in a bomb shelter for the rest of your life, what three items would you take in with you besides food and water?

Morgan: I would bring with me the Holy Bible, a friend (male or female), and also a pen or pencil.

Darrick:  Tell us something about you that most people don’t know.

Morgan: I am a very compassionate and caring guy.  I will put almost all other’s problems or success before mine.  It is my goal in life to improve all other’s physical fitness, as well as mine, and to also use my life experiences and knowledge to benefit anyone that is willing to let me help.


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